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A choice between three measurement systems
Our speed detectors are ideally suitable for all ball sports. The system will lend your competition, tournament or practice a whole new dimension. Who has the most powerful goal kick or shot? Which member of your association has the fastest serve or stroke?

Our equipment is widely used

Our speed detectors are used at numerous clubs, sports associations and events. See below for an overview of our many references, all of whom have used our equipment to their satisfaction for many years.

  • Football: FC Zwolle and SC Heerenveen
  • Tennis: AFAS Tennis Classics and Swedish Open (ATP Tournament)
  • Volleyball: Nevobo en SV Dynamo
  • Hockey: Sportways en Bovenlander & Bovenlander
  • Other sports: Tony Schwab (squash): Danny Heister en Jonah Kahn (tabletennis), ConZelo (handball) KNSB (speed skating)

Snelheidsmeters.nl offers three different systems suited to both amateur and professional applications. Make a selection below and we will send you a suitable offer free of obligation.

SpeedTrack: an affordable system

speedtac-150x150This affordable speed detection system is used at amateur level. Speed measurements may deviate and the measured speeds will not remain on the display.

Speedtrac specifications

  • 16.3 cm x 17.5 cm
  • Capable of measuring speeds from 22 through 199 km/h
  • Maximum deviation < 20 km/h
  • Measurement results visible on front of device
  • Can be fitted on a tripod
  • Can be powered by mains voltage or batteries
  • Measurement results are briefly visible on display
  • Weight: 475 grams (not including batteries)
  • May display false measurements
  • Relatively short lifespan

Contact us for an offer, free of obligation.

Pro sport system: system for sports and pro sports events

prosport-150x150The Pro sport system is highly suited to major events such as ATP tennis tournaments, international volleyball matches and all other large-scale events. This unique system can display measured speeds on large displays and/or stadium screens.

The Pro sport system can be tailored to your specifications. For example, you may want a different display size or wish to adjust the sensitivity of the measurement sensor. We can offer a tailor-made solution for almost any requirement. If you are interested in purchasing a Pro sport system for tennis, football, volleyball or any other sport, please do not hesitate to contact us for a tailor-made offer free of obligation

WG 54 / WG54 XL

snelheidsmeter_wg54_lcd_led_oldOur speed detectors are ideally suitable for all ball sports. They can also be configured to measure the speed of runners, cyclists or skaters. This multifunctional system is used by numerous sports associations. The WG54 speed detector will lend your competition, tournament or practice a whole new dimension.
If you will be measuring ball speeds, the sensor should be positioned directly behind the net/goal so that the sensor will be safe from balls and the display is clearly legible.

All systems come with an instruction manual. Naturally, you can always contact us if you have any questions. We can be reached by phone and will be happy to assist you.
For some events, we recommend that you also lease a speed cage. Players can then hit the ball into this cage, with the speed detector positioned behind it.

We will be happy to offer further advice on the most suitable speed detector for your event.

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